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    The site where you can find information,
    tools and news about the Science of Lightning.

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    We have a specialized and customized solution for every human activity.

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Keraunos integrated to the worldwide lightning detection


K Based on LINET sensors by Nowcast GmbH, large lightning detection networks operate worldwide. A large portion of the overall lightning detection is provided by the Colombian network (Colombia, Venezuela, Central America, a large portion of the Caribbean Sea and other neighboring areas), the first high-efficiency total lightning detection system in the area that is today recognized as the most lightning active region in the world.

Keraunos, your support about the lightning phenomenon

We have a high specialized group in the study of the phenomenon of lightning. Engineers, physicians and meteorologists, specialists and scientists have spent several years researching and developing knowledge to understand the force of nature and its effects on human activities.


  • Pioneers in the region.
  • Science of lightning.
  • Spinoff company..
  • Technological development and innovation.
  • Quality & reliability of our data.
  • Customers in the most complex engineering activities.
  • Integral services: nowcasting, prevention and protection.

Our services What we do

Comprehensive design of Transmission Lines.

Comprehensive evaluation of current operative power systems.

For insurances, precise evaluation of lightning damage events.

Reliability of power systems.

In the most lightning-affected industries. 

Oil fields, mining, power utilities.

Lightning detection and nowcasting.

Lightning warnings. 

Thunderstorm detection devices for airports and early warning systems.

Lightning detection and nowcasting.

Lightning historic and real time data.

Faults detections tools and warning triggering.

Thunderstorm Warning Systems TWS. Composed by Linet and Prethor.

Thunderstorm tracking.

Triggers hazard warnings and provide preventive actions 

The best of us Our numbers

We continuously develop next activities based on our human and technological resources:



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Tehcnological development

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Keraunos - science of lightning.

About Keraunos

We enjoy to share our experience, if you need any information regarding our services, results, developments; even though you do not have a commercial interest, please do not hesitate to contact us in info@keraunos.co or in our social media.

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Contact us

Calle 57 B # 37 A - 15. Bogotá - Colombia. 

info@keraunos.co Tel (57+1) 7557493, 4673958. Celular  3187419335