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Keraunos wins the FISE´s innovation award 2017


FISE Award for Innovation 2017. Ideas that Illuminate. Category Successful Businesses

The investigation of the lightning phenomenon has gained great momentum in the country thanks to the work of the research group PAAS whose trajectory exceeds 40 years in the study of lightning, which gave rise in 2011 to the spin-off company Keraunos winner of the FISE´s innovation award 2017 in the Category of Successful Businesses, with the work "Total Lightning Information Service in Latin America, An Idea of ​​Impact in the Electricity Sector".

The award recognizes the technical knowledge of the lightning phenomenon in the Colombian environment along with the technologies that Keraunos uses to support the different agents of the productive sector against the mitigation of the harmful effects of lightning.[...]

Keraunos presents a new image looking ahead

Keraunos , Brand

Innovation and change are an active part of Keraunos, that is way it changes its corporate image.

The new logo consists of:

  • The word Keraunos with renewed typography.
  • A sphere containing different elements of science of lightning ray: the phenomenon, its detection and the effects it produces.
  • The new slogan science of lightning”, which contains all the activities of the organization face to understand and live with the phenomenon of lightning.

Keraunos scientific results published in “Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics”_


With the paper “Cloud-to-Ground Lightning activity in Colombia and the influence of topography”, available* on line since 31 August 2016, results of our working team continue contributing to the lightning understanding.

Here we share the abstract and key words; to find the complete paper you can go to Science direct in this link 


Lightning activity on the Colombian mountains, where the altitude varies from 0 to more than 5,000 MSL, is studied based on VLF/LF lightning detection data and using a 2012-2013 dataset. The influence of altitude is observed by evaluating cloud-to-ground lightning incidence at different altitude intervals. The relationship between ground Flash density and altitude gradient vectors is studied. Results show a clear dependence of the Flash density on elevation.


Ground flash density; Tropical region; Mountainous region; VLF/LF lightning detection system.


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