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Severe thunderstorm affected Cartagena city

Severe thunderstorm affected Cartagena city

On 30 August 2016 the Keraunos lightning detection network, based on the LINET technology, detected the approaching of an intense storm to the Cartagena city, the phenomenon developed from 13:20 h until 19:57 h, heading from the south-western part of the Bolivar department to reach the city at 16:00 h.

The network detected around 11,596 flashes in the storm, here we present its path. The storm cell was detected with three hours in advance.

In addition to prevention efforts that can be made with this information, these data serve to our investigations, for example the study of increments in the flash rates when a storm is coming to an urban center, where a possible heat island effect can be observed.

In the case of the storm detected approaching to Cartagena, the clear increased flash rate can be observed when the system reaches the urban center.

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