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Specialized Consulting

Our consulting is directed Power Utilities, Transmission and Power Generation, companies in the sector Oil&Gas, Mines and Industry, among others; in which the continuity of power supply is essential to meet regulatory goals regarding service quality and ensure business continuity.

The characteristics of the environment in Colombia generate conditions conducive to limit the performance of power transport systems, where optimal levels of performance can only be achieved by using accurate and reliable data, advanced software tools and technical and scientific staff highly specialized.

  • Power reliability.
  • Climate and severe weather effects.
  • Electromagnetic transients and overvoltage analysis.
  • Insulation coordination.
  • Power-system protection.



 Thunderstorm Warning Systems

Service directed to natural risk management institutes, power utilities, Oil&Gas, pipelines, mining, road concessions and infrastructure, airports, ports and offshore operations, agriculture, recreation and sport, construction, in which a large number of people, as well as highly sensitive equipment, must live with the constant risk of natural phenomena.

Unique and highly efficient systems allow us to continuously monitor thunderstorms activity and trigger alerts in a timely and reliable manner, for any place in the Colombian geography.


LINET Colombian Total Lightning Detection Network

After five years of operation, the LINET network in Colombia has provided the largest historical data series of lightning activity that exists in the tropical region of the planet, widely contributing to the scientific understanding of the phenomenon. Every year more than 14 million flashes detected in the country are the basis for researching the climatology of lightning and providing the necessary information to study the risk level in all human activities.


Electric Field Mills PreThor

The measure of atmospheric electric field, classified as Type I according to standard IEC62793* is the most direct and reliable way to detect the presence of thunderstorms. The PreThor sensors for measuring electrostatic field have been developed in Colombia and adapted to the weather and geographical conditions of the country. During more than 10 years they have served as information systems to generate scientific knowledge about the phenomenon and to operate as thunderstorm warning systems in the Oil&Gas industry, electric power sector, natural risk management institutes, mining, ports and offshore activities, among many others.


*IEC62793 “Lightning Protection. Thunderstorm Warning Systems”, 2015



The principle of 3P science of lightning


We are pioneers in the field, we work closely with companies across the globe, developing the best phenomenon prediction systems currently used in the world.

  • Own technology combined with top tools..
  • Constant development and research.
  • Knowledge from the tropics to the world.


Networking and people, our priority is to prevent accidents and save lives, this is mainly achieved through prevention and information we share with the people affected by the phenomenon.


It is a social work interrest as organization. Our developments are not only limited to research, we are forming agents that present the phenomenon, how to deal with it and our goal is to create a culture of prevention against the different risks posed by lightning.

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